Active Dog 100
Active Dog 100
Active Dog 100
Active Dog 100
Active Dog 100 Loop & Drag Pet Lure Machine >110y
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Active Dog 100 Loop & Drag Pet Lure Machine >110y

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EARLY BIRD OFFER… save $200USD! 50% off for a limited time!

Shipping October 2023

30 day money back guarantee! But there’s no chance your dog will let you send this lure system back, they’ll love it! 

The all new lightweight and easy to use Active Dog 100 is the greatest game of chase! And it’s built to our usual high standards, our other systems have proven we care about reliability and longevity. 

 30 minutes runtime 24v system (longest in its range!)

100m (110y) course with light string (very safe) (further than its rivals!)

0-50KPH (31MPH) variable speed via hand remote (fastest in its range!)

Continuous loop or uptake drag + lure toy (rivals are just loop!)

3 field pulleys + the machine = 4 corners

String, anchor pegs, battery & charger included. 

The first few batches will ship from Australia in August 2023, but there’s plans in place to have all our models held in 3 other countries for faster shipping! If we’re late on shipping, we’ll refund your freight!

Lock yours in now! This price will NEVER be repeated. 



Why choose us?

Premium Quality

We only use quality parts to build our machines, which have been fully designed by a 20-year training veteran!

A Brand You Can Trust

Our lure machines have been sold all over the world, including hundreds of Australian greyhound trainers!

Machines for all breeds

No matter your needs or breeds, we have a machine just right for the job. And for those wanting to run events and earn some extra income, we have you covered.