Renegade Dog Sports - One Year Dog Membership - Renegade Active Dogs
Renegade Dog Sports - One Year Dog Membership - Renegade Active Dogs
Renegade Dog Sports

Renegade Dog Sports - One Year Dog Membership

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(We'll contact you to get all your dogs details, so include an email address please)

By signing your dog up with RENEGADE DOG SPORTS, you'll become part of an international competition! Compete with world rankings and special events. Renegade clubs and partners will continue to pop-up across the globe, running any number of our 4 sports.

Rankings and personal points for achievements will be sport specific, but then we'll also have a super-league that will take into account each dogs overall performance across 2-4 of the lure sports we have. Which range from 50m, 100m, 300m and up to 900m! Testing the dogs speed, strength, endurance, agility and tenacity. 

But, you can do any number of the sports, even just pick 1 favorite to master and see how your dog ranks on the world scale! Earn points and collect all the metal dog tags, and become an APEX which could attract sponsorship from us or outside companies and groups. You'll also have the chance to represent your local club, state/province and even your country in the future!   

What does a membership unlock? 

  • Earn Points At Renegade Sanctioned Events
  • Personal Awards - Metal Dog Tags For Each Achievement Level
  • World Rankings - Feature On The Worldwide Rankings
  • Trainer / Kennel Awards, Including Special Prizes
  • The Opportunity To Represent Your Local Club At State/Provence, National and International Level.
  • Cash Sponsorships Will Be Offered To Loyal And/or Top Performers

What does a membership come with? 

  • Welcome Pack (or Welcome Back Pack For Renewals)
  • Plastic Membership Card
  • 10% Discount On ALL Renegade Dog Products
  • Virtual Kennel (coming mid 2023) Manage Your Team Online
  • Referral Program, Earn Money Getting Your Friends And Family Involved
  • Exclusive Training Videos, Take Your Dog To Another Level
  • Register Your First Dog For Free, $10AUD Per Year Thereafter

How does RDS use these funds? 

  • Advertising To Grow The Sports And Community
  • Cover Costs Of Awards
  • Maintain The Rankings And Each Dogs Career Points etc
  • Staff To Help Manage And Support All Clubs And Members

Please note, all personal awards will require a small postage fee ($10-20AUD), you'll be contacted when your dog has reached a new dog tag level. First level tags (OMEGA) will be presented by the club, and therefore won't require postage. 

This Membership covers all current and future Renegade sports! 

Renegade Dog Sports - One Year Dog Membership

Why choose us?

Premium Quality

We only use quality parts to build our machines, which have been fully designed by a 20-year training veteran!

A Brand You Can Trust

Our lure machines have been sold all over the world, including hundreds of Australian greyhound trainers!

Machines for all breeds

No matter your needs or breeds, we have a machine just right for the job. And for those wanting to run events and earn some extra income, we have you covered.