Renegade Dog Sports



The ultimate goal of ours, is to create as many happy, fit and active dogs as possible. What better way to to achieve this by allowing each dog have fun, and explore their natural instincts. The fact is all breeds have prey drive, it's not a bad thing, it should actually be embraced and encouraged in a control environment. 

A truly happy animal is one that can act on its natural urges. Dogs are no different. And the bonus with getting involved in our sports, is we have the fairest handicap system of any entity in the world, all based on each breeds ability not height.

And we have the coolest personal awards going around. Metal dog tags based on your dogs current status in each sport. Because not only will they run for fun, they will also earn points based on the times against their breeds handicap at the time.



Because even our handicaps stay up-to-date, with all event holders submitting results to Renegade Active Dogs, then once a month we run a program that automatically sets new handicaps, keeps track of personal points, fastest times, and it then updates the world rankings for each sport, and one overall ranking table for the superstars of Renegade Dog Sports! 

Example of Breed Handicaps, and Renegade Dog Rankings:



Personal awards are in addition to each event rosettes, trophies and other unique awards. But here are the personal awards that come with a new dog tag at each stage, so your dog can show it off everywhere they go! 

OMEGA 125 points or approx. 2-3 runs
OMEGA-DELTA 500 points or approx 10 runs
DELTA 1000 points or approx. 20 runs
DELTA-BETA 1500 points or approx. 30 runs
BETA 2500 points or approx. 50 runs
BETA-ALPHA 3000 points or approx. 60 runs
ALPHA 3500 points or approx. 70 runs
ALPHA-APEX 4000 points or approx. 80 runs 
APEX 5000 points or approx. 100 runs

    Then for every 1000 points after APEX, the dog will be assigned a number for each time this is reached. 6000 points means they become APEX1, 7000 total and they are now a crazy APEX2 and so on. No tags are provided past APEX, only a ton of respect, and by this stage your dog would already have been inducted into our hall of fame!

    Master one sport, then try another, or do multiple depending on you and your dog(s) willingness to travel and compete. 




    Indoor or outdoor, over 50m with hurdles and foam poles / gates acting as penalty points. This sport will get massive, we assure you of that! 

    This sport is brand new, and exclusive to RENEGADE ACTIVE DOGS. It's our invention. The idea is to show how your dog can chase with true intent, show some agility, not cutting corners, and to be done under timed conditions.

    By Renegade Dog Sports, but is loosely based on this indoor and outdoor activity in the USA, we'll have our own twist, and make it even safer: 


    And over this distance, your dog will never reach full speed. But still use your own judgment if your dog is suitable or not, remember we still have other sports you can do too. Safety will always be our main priority! 


    FAST DOG (100m straight sprint) 

    A simple straight track lure run over just 100m. Racing against the clock, will your dog prove to be a true FAST DOG? 

    This fast growing sport is a great transition from the fun of MAC. It is also a great way to give full coursing dogs the chance to just show off their skills and speed under timed conditions. With our unique handicap system, every dog is a chance at any event, but still will reward the true fast dogs, the ones that break their breeds median speed on the day! 

    Some events will have knockout races, 1v1 or even whippet races! This is going to so much fun, as all canine sports should be. Yes, we have our serious side too, with rankings and trophy events, but for the most part we just want everyone including the dogs to just have fun, bond with your dog, and be around other dog lovers. 





    (600M-1200M Random)

    Now that your dog has progressed through each sport, and perhaps has also been through our coursing academy, now it's time to put them to the test. 


    Coursing, Lure Coursing or CAT, whatever your choice isn't a concern of ours. This is our version of coursing, making it fun again. We'll even time each dog, and some events will have 2-4 dog races! 





    Partner with us, grow with us, and succeed with us! 

    Much more to follow on this page, including opportunities for people to start their very own RAD SPORTS CLUB, and even run their own Academy. If this sounds like you, contact us now at or +61433899884

    More to come on what's on offer for partners... keep an eye on this website.