Hydrotherapy Session - 45 Mins - Renegade Active Dogs
Hydrotherapy Session - 45 Mins - Renegade Active Dogs
Renegade Active Dogs

Hydrotherapy Session - 45 Mins

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Hydrotherapy, Electronic Walkers, Basic Agility For Improved Mobility

This service is perfect for dogs that need:

  • Post Rehab (injuries have healed, but need ongoing work)
  • Re-conditioning after injury, illness or other.
  • Strength and mobility 
  • Recovery from acidosis or similar 
  • Desensitizing to water/pool/treadmill
  • Senior canine wellbeing management
  • General soreness treatment 

What is included in this service?

  • Preparation and check by trainer
  • Hydrotherapy session 
  • Electronic walker session (flat and incline) 
  • Use of basic agility equipment to test and improve movement
  • Full dry down and brush

Benefits from this service:

  • Improved quality of life
  • Increased cardiovascular fitness
  • Improved mobility and proprioception
  • Improved response to pain
  • Improved response to inflammation
  • Improved strength and condition
  • Increased confidence in your dog
  • Expose your dog to water safely 

You're in good hands. Our trainer has over 20 years’ experience training greyhounds, the fastest and most fragile of all breeds. Our facility and equipment are of the highest order, and are all fully maintained by professionals. 


Hydrotherapy Session - 45 Mins

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