Drag Lure Training Package Dogs, Big Cats and Raptors Falconry >1000m

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 With this package, you can select from 3 drag types:

  1. Canine 0-75KPH
  2. Big Cat 0-110KPH
  3. Raptor / Falconry 0-150KPH

Distance up to 1000m with braided fishing line, or less with thicker line or cord.

If you know you’ll never need or use the continuous loop feature of our machines, then this package is for you! 

This machine has a special motor gear specifically just for drag / uptake runs. It has a higher RPM rating. 

This drag only system also has a different speed controller to our normal range. Giving you a longer range so you don’t need to be close to the machine to operate it. Plus it has a more sensitive trigger, which is critical to perfect drag runs. 

It comes with a solid metal case for durability. It won’t weather away or break. The drag wheel is a unique one piece, made of metal which features no weld or break points, it’ll last for decades! 

Comes with 1 field pulley, 300m of string, 4 anchor points and pegs, x2 FREE batteries , and a full 2-year warranty. Charger for these lipo batteries can be found online, like eBay, Amazon etc. 

Remote range depends on your area, but it should be 100m to 500m.

2-year warranty and ongoing support. 

Worldwide Shipping. Allow 2-4 weeks to ship. 

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