fastDOG RX1 Pet Lure Coursing Machine

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LOOP OPTION: 0-66KPH (41MPH) 300m Loop (330+)

DRAG OPTION: 0-66KPH (41MPH) >1000M (1090Y)

This pocket rocket only weighs 5KG (11LGS)

Approx 1 hour runtime (battery included) more can be added in future. 

The Renegade fastDOG RX1 was designed with your typical bored pet dog in mind. And will make a vital tool in reducing bad behaviors such as digging, barking and destroying property. 

Those that compete in coursing will also be pleased to be able to train new dogs to chase, and keep the experienced ones sharp. Particularly those that compete of Fast CAT in the USA, and Fast Dog in Australia and soon other countries. 

The fastDOG machine is perfect for any dog owner, its tough but lightweight, and is easy to setup, in fact you can leave it setup as it’s made of metal and won't go brittle like other systems on the market. Our 2-year warranty gives you piece of mind, and also demonstrates the confidence we have in our products. 

Best of all, all of our machines are futureproof, in fact you can buy the entry level machine and upgrade it at a later date if you want even more power or distance. 


Forward / Reverse

Full Speed Control (thumb lever)

Brake and low-med-high settings

Full heavy duty metal case, decades long lasting!

4 spikes to grip and prevent movement during operation. 

0-66KPH up to 300M (faster over a smaller course or with our drag attachment)

300m (line and ribbon lure included)

1 hour battery (included free) charger sold separately. 

2 very safe field nylon, more can be added.. Enough to practice Fast Cat, Fast Dog over their respective competition distances, or to get coursing dogs chasing harder, and to get any breed of dog fit. Even a greyhound in sprint lanes! 

Comes with 10 pieces of ribbon to get you started.

Comes with a loop lure drive wheel, but we also have a drag lure wheel available at an extra cost. 

fastDOG RX1 Lure Coursing Machine


Why choose us?

Premium Quality

We only use quality parts to build our machines, which have been fully designed by a 20-year training veteran!

A Brand You Can Trust

Our lure machines have been sold all over the world, including hundreds of Australian greyhound trainers!

Machines for all breeds

No matter your needs or breeds, we have a machine just right for the job. And for those wanting to run events and earn some extra income, we have you covered.